General Counseling Information

Dr. Ron Tardif (D.Div.C.C.)

If the counseling required is an emergency, we encourage you to immediately CALL Dr. Tardif directly at  (207) 256-7866.

FREE Counseling: Family, Couples, Singles, Teens, Marriage, Depression, Finances, Spiritual Matters, Survivors of Suicide

Thank you for the opportunity to be used of the Lord in ministry to you. Counseling is offered on a ministry basis (no charge) for you and or your loved ones. The Bible is the source of counsel. The philosophy is “If God can’t help you,  who can?” Please be prompt for appointments. Time is valuable to all of us.

Dr. Tardif is a graduate of Liberty University, and Christian Bible College & Seminary. He has been counseling in Maine and New Hampshire areas since 1986. His counseling style is nouthetic, which means that the Bible is used  exclusively in search for wisdom and direction. People of all faiths are accepted.

A form needs to be filled out if you would like counseling. If this counseling is for a couple, each need to fill out forms separetely. If this counseling is for a family such as parent/s and a teen in crisis, each parent and teen need to fill out forms separately.

This information can be sent in one of two different ways:

1. Click on the “Download Forms for Printing/Mailing” tab. Print and fill out the forms and mail them to Dr. Tardif. If you are unable to download and print out the forms, simply call us and request a form be mailed to you.

2. If you prefer to fill in data online, click on the CONTACT US tab, send us an email so stating, and we’ll activate the online tab for you to fill in your information.

NOTE: If you live outside of a normal commute for counseling, you may contact me with your location to see if I can find another counselor in your area. If that does not work, you may request a counseling session via teleconferencing (like ZOOM). You will need to have a mic and camera attached to your PC, laptop, or smart phone, and an email address. Zoom will do the rest.

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